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About Us

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Dalian new code tutor is a specialized university students and professional teachers tutor output and management, with extensive tutoring experience in business management of large tutoring services in Nanjing. We warmly welcome every interest in tutoring career of outstanding teachers and university students have volunteered to join!
First, the company's operating purposes
1. Recommend the most suitable tutor for students, so students can easily improve your score as soon as possible in a short time.
2. With highly-motivated members of the community in the process of learning a menace.
Second, the business objectives of the company
1. Good reputation and reputation in the industry.
2. Services to a wider population, so that more people can be helped.
Third, Web site resources
1. Teacher resource library: primary and secondary school teachers, retired teachers, college students and related professional and technical personnel.
2. Student resource library: primary and secondary school students and the community of people from all walks of life to learn in school.
3. Information Centre: a study guide, including knowledge, learning material, exam information, English learning, early childhood education, elementary education, teaching junior high school, high school teaching and learning information.