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College entrance examination candidates in which supplies to prepare in advance?

One day in advance to prepare for what?
Admission ticket, identification cards, according to the subjects of the day such as 2B pencils, sign pens, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, stationery, ready to comfort, loose, breathable clothing (such as cotton, hemp, texture), the availability of food and transportation costs. During the college entrance exam to pay attention to weather changes, carry some rain gear rain or Sun.
Lost ID card do?
Provisional second generation ID card should be immediately to the Police Department for a replacement.
Admission ticket is lost what to do?
If before a test is missing, I should immediately write applications for secondary school or neighborhood offices open to prove to the city (district) County admission Office for a replacement candidate; if it is a day lost, should be specified immediately to the test center teacher, lead teacher, first test subject, after replacement.
Examination stationery, your admission ticket or identity card forgot to do?
If you have been to the test center or on the way to the test site suddenly forgot to bring, not his home, time allowed to call parents to send to, don't go on shop near the test sites.
If going into the room only to find the exam of stationery with, immediately told the examiner, to other candidates by the examiner to borrow.
How to identify genuine 2B pencils?
See section formation, refill Center complete second look bright and clean bright finish, printing and clear, uniform material is red, the color is fully genuine; three, pencil color is Dim, fuzzy defects, material for printing white, uniform color for inferior products. BACK