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Grasp the thrust of the narrative shown by people, things

Narrative materials: grasp the narratives of people, the thrust of the show, read the following text, write an article according to the requirement of not less than 800 word article blundering of the popular entertainment industry called the "hype", wonders, tricks one after another, this situation is reminiscent of the Norway-famous violinist Ou Lei? Boolean story.
Young rave when he toured Europe, but Milan's famous critic in the newspaper wrote: "he was a musician without formal training. If he is a diamond, he is still in the rough, the rough State. "Faced with this situation, young Ou Lei has at least two options: the first is ignored, because he has too many good voice; one is using the popular" hype ", litigation. But Ou Lei has chosen to listen to the commentators have suggested, and on the advice of critics and painstaking skill, facing ten years has finally become a world famous violinist at age 26.
Requires a comprehensive understanding of the content, but you can choose a side, conceived the composition from a different perspective. Independently determine the intention to determine topics to determine titles; not from the meaning of material composition, not cropping, not plagiarism.
1, from the perspective of a violinist:
(1) to correctly handle criticism (2) and practise their skills and improve their quality 2, from a critic's point of view:
Who dares to tell the truth, no matter how many people disagree with their own so long as thinks he is right, be afraid to stick.
3, from background:
Mentioned in the background of "hype", which is the composition and performance of the current life, time of writing can be compared, from the impetuous psychology of present some people, talking about how people should-and correctly treat their seriously the opinions of others. BACK