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How parents punish children make mistakes, what skills?

Skills: punishment hesitate modern educational theory that in time, punishing effect and partly conditioned reflex, conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus interval, the shorter the better.
So parents once found children of behavior errors, as long as situation license on should immediately be corresponding of punishment; if at of situation (as has guest presence or is public) not allows immediately made reaction, after is should timely to created conditions as makes children returned to and original similar of situation in the to, parents and children with recalled and summary at of words and deeds, makes he realized that at of errors behavior, and clear requirements he corrected.
Skills II: bad shifting is not available as the saying goes: "the world is eight or nine in ten do not go", we will meet in our daily life things are going poorly. Parents are in a bad mood, it is hard to grasp their feelings, tend to make their bad mood passed on to children, the consequences are often disastrous.
One child without penalty, parents make a fuss, can make children feel miscarriage of Justice. Secondly, if the parents cannot be made and the penalties are unlimited upgrades, tend to worsen the children for their parents ' protests. Therefore, suggest that parents do not drink or your bad mood, depression, bad temper when punishing the child, so as to avoid excessive drooling and affect their child's image and prestige.
Skills: sarcasm most taboo parents punish their children should strictly avoid sarcasm, not to rely on "child is my life, is my" free with malicious remarks accusing abusive children.
Practice has proved that the sarcasm and spat invectives beyond the scope of child mind can accept, will hurt a child's self-esteem. Therefore, parents should bear in mind their punishing a child's purpose is to help the children correct their mistakes, never for one moment to stimulate children to mouth good and the most sensitive of the heart – self-esteem.
Tip four: ex post facto reasoning cannot do without parent and child relationship exists between teaching and being taught, but children still when the populace. Punishment is only a means and not an end, therefore, the punishment must be promptly after the children, arguing that otherwise the children endured the punishment will also be unchanged. Therefore, the parents sent a baby through reasoning, analyzing ways to make children understand why he punished, knows mistakes cause, clearly if you insist on making it there will be consequences. Therefore, let the children understand why you being punished is the key to eradicate errors, is indispensable for the punishment of children one of the most important steps of reasoning.
Tip five: go beyond Mo nag some parents teach their children like endless and hewen children every now and then, "I heard you yet?" Child awed by the Majesty of parents but had no choice but to say, "hear", but in fact he may not listen or not listen to anything. BACK