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In the problem we want to follow the "three-three after the first" principle

Response order "after the three first and three". Browse papers and do simple math problems after the first answer, we should stabilize the mood a lot, now I will build the confidence. We need to understand that, for purposes of mathematics, will get most of the score was easy, so allow yourself to lose a few points. In the problem we want to follow the "three-three after the first" principle. First is the "easiness". It is easy to understand, is what we need to do Direct, and complex problem. When all the subject finished, if you have time, come back to study those problems. Of course, here does not mean that the problem of the time, encounter one problem, a little jump over yourself too many questions left. Also contrary to our intention.
Followed by the "high to low". Here mainly refers to the if in the case of lack of time, we should abide by the do score higher then make fractional lower order of topics. So that we can get more scoring. Also, high score title is generally segmented score the first or second question in General is not particularly difficult, so be made to both ask as much as possible, on the whole, this will do a fraction lower than take out time to topic "viable". Finally, "after the first". Here "with the following" there is, in the case of the same order, can be differentiated according to topic categories for problems, problems of the same type together to consider, because the knowledge of these topics referred to more concentrated, thinking it is easy to improve efficiency per unit of time. BACK