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Parallelism-sentence is mainly through the rhetorical approach to clusters

Parallelism-parallelism-sentence, mainly through methods to put together shows of rhetoric. Parallelism is a content, enhanced rich content, and the other is progressive in the sense of, enhances persuasiveness, renders the atmosphere improved momentum.
Example: suffering is a stepping stone for genius, able men are an asset, for the success of the weak is an abyss, is a milestone for tirelessly people, arrogant people are a burden, is a scourge for people not moving ahead. For ambition great of people is up climbing of stepped, for heart has small records of people is life glory; for unambitious of people, bottomless abyss; for efforts who, award; for work who, harvest; for pride who, gone; for target great who, small of station; for struggle who, a seat Lighthouse; for lazy who, a beautiful of dream; for endeavour of people, another a hard Trek of beginning; for content of people, happiness of peak; for loser, away not and the of dream cases II: acts has all "envy fish" Heart, and no trace of "Networking" means, the result will be nothing. This may sound simple, but in fact is not everyone can be aware of. Some people hope became Edison type of "invention King", but is fear Yu study science knowledge of difficult; some people wants to following Maupassant zhihou, again claimed "short stories of King" of Laurel, but and awed by perennial writing of hard; some people wants to blockbuster became "Music Masters", is inert Yu in staff of fields Shang immersed work; some people may himself became sports star, is idle Yu "up" for training. Such a lofty ambition, and is a discovery trip, even a little fish are not caught, let alone to achieve that Grand ambition!
Third fact: there are no two identical leaves, much less having two pairs of the same eye. Different countries giving us different eyes. Perhaps shores American sunshine is reflected in your eyes, something lively and confident smile perhaps Nordic snow is melting in your eyes for quiet and deep; perhaps Kunlun, wind is in your eyes, turned the Yangtze River in China's deep and mysterious. Different countries have different land, different wind different different Sun rain, irrigation on different thought and spirit, and firmly on the nation label above. (2002, Shanghai candidate of the interpretation of the eyes of the world) she went out: a great man said: "like listening to the wisdom of the people is a national. "Conceited people do not like to listen to, just love to conquer their pride shielding their eyes; closed people don't like listening to only be complacent, they blinkered, preventing their exposure; quick people don't like listening to only float on the surface, they tasted, lack deep connotations. Therefore, we must learn to listen. This will make our humble, absorbing, forge ahead, which will make us cherish lofty, wide view, innovation which will make our vision, painstaking exploration, profound.
Parallelism, in the interpretation of a number of candidates pen, but more importantly, perform a deep, rich, giving unlimited inspiration.

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