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Teacher prompts students mock exams must be treated carefully

Mock exams must be carefully treated mock exams mainly two: first, test your level, let you know the location of the second, simulating the whole process of examination of college entrance examination, students on the spot to be able to adapt. From this University is very similar to the test, you can get a lot of valuable experience.
If we take the college entrance examination as a fruit, the mock exam is what we suppose fruit weights and measures of the high and low, but also our design blueprint of the picking process. Simulation to test whether it is in difficulty, breadth, or in test form and quantity is quite close to the college entrance examination, treated each mock examination as if like, rare rehearsal opportunities available. Is a comprehensive college entrance examination, after the examination room on will we be able to find us in co-ordinating written calculations and knowledge gaps and weaknesses. During the two-hour exam, how to arrange time, based on its own merits to determine the choice of topics, these problems should be resolved early in the simulation test, follow on to the examination room. Intellectual defects are most easily found in the exam, mock exams offers an excellent opportunity to students. BACK