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Three candidates for the prevention and study of how to prevent fatigue

Learning how to prevent fatigue 1, learn to relax, quiet quiet rest is sleep and rest of shut-eye. Sleep is the most basic and important and irreplaceable to rest. When people sleep and metabolic activity in different organs in the body reduces the cortex from excitatory to inhibitory, oxygen reduction, self-compensation in favour of nourishment and oxygen in the blood, with the accumulation of energy. Protect nerve cells, avoid fatigue and promote recovery of the nerve cell function.
B, active rest and activity of alternating rest rest active rest, such as walking, playing and notes of physical labor, or you can chat with others. Alternating rest refers to a range of disciplines to learn, such as text, interspersed with review of science, so that neural cells of the cerebral cortex will not fatigue, but also have a mutually reinforcing effect.
2, science learning time studies show that students at different times of a day or a week of learning efficiency and fatigue is different. As two or three classes in the morning for the most efficient times, fourth class for fatigue significantly during one Tue, four for the best day of the week on Monday and Friday and Saturday is thought likely to be lax, mood swings.
Because of this, students should pay attention to the arrangement of study subjects and match, do the same, abstract arts and Sciences-oriented education and image-oriented discipline alternating, mental and physical activities alternate alternate, more content and less subject to make regulation of neural activities, reduce brain fatigue.
3, music therapy, music therapy is a kind of psychological therapy, it can affect people's moods and behaviors, so as to achieve the objective of promoting health and combating fatigue.
Candidates after learning gaps or learning, you can achieve the goal of eliminating fatigue by listening to music. However, the music must be heard by a "pure music", that is, elegant music with no words. As Beethoven's pastoral Symphony, Haydn's water music suite. If there is text in the music, text information will be in the brain, the results can lead to brain without adequate rest.
Note also is that the candidates are listening to music, not thinking about other issues while listening to music, must be reveling in music, fully rested, the only way to make learning thorough eradication of the fatigue. BACK