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United Kingdom the difference between school education and school education in China

United Kingdom schools and school education in China: what is the biggest difference? to the United Kingdom or a friend had seen the information, may know what is the biggest difference. United Kingdom on our biggest difference is in the approach of the education, in the United Kingdom are taught in small classes and personal coaching, teachers can fully take into account each and every student. They are very respected students, every student is important.
For those children with physical or mental disabilities, as well as in an ordinary school education together with other children. United Kingdom Government spent huge sums of money for specialized secondary teachers in each class, the teacher tutoring students who need special care in my spare time. For individual mental health is concerned, personal counselling is a lot of benefits.
In teaching, a teaching method that they used to work as a team group work or teamwork, that is, every Member of the team assumed a part of work to work together on a project. It can give full play to each team member's strengths and forces and mobilized, and in the course of cultivating the cooperation of every Member, and provides each Member with a talent opportunity and experience the joy of success. While just an organizer of teaching activities, in activities to provide students with the necessary guidance and assistance.
In this connection, recommends that the appropriate access for the students going abroad United Kingdom local television work, early look at United Kingdom English environment, and the United Kingdom model of college examination model is a diverse, final performance is closely related to the daily assignments as well as panel discussion academic presentations. Compared with the Chinese education, which is also a prominent highlights of the education system in Europe and America. BACK