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English vocabulary test prep tips: capture contextual learning

The annual college entrance exam is around the corner, English, as an important part of its advancement is self-evident. Learn language know that vocabulary is the Foundation of all language, so we should learn how to response to the college entrance examination and the high school English. In my personal experience, I think that in order to get good marks in the exam, strengthen the back word is an essential link. Back what is the first problem faced by high school students. Actually everyone as long as put over country of entrance really problem among appeared of strange vocabulary back live on has for entrance of English exam lay has solid of based, reasons is simple, really problem in the of words has can repeat sex, this is everyone in Combs summary of of when natural will feel get, addition, really problem in the of vocabulary can help we in limited of time within put most core of words of memory times reached up of, such can effective of strengthening on core vocabulary of learning memory, last, Simulation examination paper is due to the high school model is really entitled to matriculation, and so everyone can get a good score in the simulation test in order to establish and strengthen confidence. As far as high school friends, as the subject is complicated, it is recommended that you use sporadic time to back words. Like has 30 a Word to remember, so night sleep zhiqian put second days to remember of words wrote in pieces Shang, this process available 10 minutes around, is can makes we on to back of words has has fuzzy of impression, second days morning up Shi put Qian 5 a word quickly back Xia, then wash 构词成分。 Shi can put this 5 a word for strengthening, school Qian can again see 5 a Word, road in bus Shang can put this 5 a word get, while review up Shi of 5 a Word, and so on, fit, One day we will learn life unconsciously done dozens of words.
In addition to exam-oriented and capacity for high school students is more important, there are many ways, such as watching movies, reading magazines and surfing, whatever way, here I hope you remember vocabulary must be in a specific context to reflect its origins. Vocabulary learning is one of the most important idea in "words unconsciously, from the environment and health", where just one example to illustrate the point. See reports on the Internet, the preferred standard for college students looking for a job a lot of people right now is to stabilize, this is a time of change, "stability is paramount", but "stable" do you say this word? To share a word: The price for total security is total boredom. this phrase is a man called Ray Kroc said, people will be unfamiliar with this man, but his record company you absolutely knew: McDonald's. He is one of the characteristics of change, so that's what that sentence above, with all that said, what does this sentence mean? Is: complete price stability is completely boring. How young people should seek change in a timely manner, a word of this is security, it is a Word, the literal meaning is the meaning of security, but as you know, we were talking of stability, there is actually mean is to ensure a sense of security, so security is the word we're looking for: stability. Addition, everyone found no boredom this word behind has a DOM, this is a noun tail prefix, like wise is wise of mean, behind plus DOM on changes into wisedom, is wisdom of mean has, say everyone more familiar of a word free, behind plus DOM changes into has freedom is free of mean; now everyone in turn wants to a wants to boredom in the if removed DOM, left of bore is what mean? Must be related to boring, just uncertain speech about it, in fact, is the verb, meaning "sick ###".
Look at an example relating to the friends of, including some "totally" usage, of course, there are more new things. Joey said all day they idle, Chandler also immediately echoed said is Ah, and they said Fhobe also pregnancy has, but they said family pregnancy Shi with of is such word: She's making people. this sentence words in the, they put make this word of "manufacturing" of intended expression of dripping fine; later, this two buddy son also began trying to do some great of things, they called "something huge", you see, Here surface with has "huge" this word to expression "big" this concept, is oral words of claims; then on said has climbing, and they also said "we completely can to climbed Alpine", this sentence words of original is such of: we could totally do that. this inside of "totally" is a everyone are familiar but with have not is started of a Word, now we to know, it completely can said "completely" of mean.
Ross told Rachel that he was in high school is very mean to Rachel, then how did he say it? And see and read: Back in high school, I had major crush on you. this sentence words translation came is "in high school Shi, I on you Super like", actually many people are know "have a, crush on SB" is fixed usage, showed that on someone interesting or like someone, but Dang this sentence words in the joined has "major" such a word Hou, this like of love will expression of special full has, because we should know, "major" Meaning of the noun but professional; in addition, don't forget, this sentence is also preceded by a "back in high school", one of the adverb "back" with a vivid, the word tells us that there's two people already graduated high school, in memories of high school memories now, so catch up feeling out of the.
Here we are not ugly, learning vocabulary is one of the most important conditions of context, we captured the context, then learn the vocabulary, the CI could only come to life. BACK