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For composition in the exams tips for improved 20 points

Title of the composition is most heavily in the Chinese college entrance scores, from the perspective of college entrance examination score composition, the composition of the majority of candidates are in three levels of class composition is passed up and down the edge. Three types of composition and a composition of scores within 20 minutes or so, so, in writing, a question, many candidates and composition candidates pulled about 20 minutes away. How to close the gap that dozens of points, from three types of composition to one of a class of compositions, this teacher will give you detailed answers!
First great problem there is no doubt that when writing of the Chinese college entrance, high score 70 points, low has 60 points. Meets the requirements of proposition three compositions with top 20 minutes difference in the class of composition. Therefore, the discussion on how to improve low composition of great significance, it is absolutely necessary.
First, the analysis of typical cases
Let us first look at 2009 Jiangsu for composition in the exams of an article into three categories:
Fashion taste
When the children were singing on the stage when Jay's the nunchaku, should we fashion taste, thinking about fashion?
When repeated on billboards on the streets when the Japanese, Korean, should we fashion, thinking about fashion?
Exchanges only when people realized by QQ, rather than through letters, should we fashion taste, thinking about fashion?
Today's society all kinds of fashion styles, beauty and ugliness, good and bad, and jagged feelings, so we should keep the taste of fashion.
Fashion, will allow us to better grasp the direction of fashion. Children singing pop songs have become a fashion trend, children do not sing a penny and other classic children's songs. Should they lose their age have a child, keep up with fashion trends, but fashion has deviated from the right direction. So, we want to taste fashion, fashion back to the correct direction, the fashion to better lead us to pursuit of a better, happier life. Fashion, let us grasp the direction of fashion.
Fashion, let us continue to innovate. Fashion always emerge, to world development, we must continue to innovate. A certain kind of fashion, in a particular place, at a particular time will be swept up in, but if not go to innovation, this fashion will soon be gone, out of sight. Therefore, we must innovate, but how can you truly innovate? This requires us to continue to enjoy fashion, thought fashion was a factor in fashion, so that it can continue to innovate. Fashion, let us continue to innovate.
Fashion taste, will make more deposit classic fashion. In this complex society, all kinds of fashion styles, many are gone, fade out of sight, but only a few fashion can precipitate as a classic. So, what should we do to be more fashionable precipitation as a classic? The answer is fashion. Traditional Chinese martial arts is popular all over the world, which not only represents a kind of fashion, and represents a classic Yong Sheng long after. This fashion taste, we will discover martial arts which fashion was able to precipitate as a classic because of its profound cultural heritage. So, fashion taste, will make more deposit classic fashion.
Fashion, we will lead the fashion forward, not let fashion lead us.
This composition, basic and to the point, the structure is complete and clear, language and coherent, however scoring only 45 minutes, Jiangsu compositions with a maximum 70 points, clearly this article into three volumes. Where is the main problem of this article? In my opinion, the author thought of superficial content is perfunctory, perfunctory words of vague language vague after reading as a result of feeling dull.
(A) core misunderstandings of the concept of a superficial
2009 Jiangsu volume composition is "fashion", "fashion" or fashionable fashion of the time. Fashion must have the following characteristics: first, the fashion originated in the unique creativity, display a distinctive individual; second, someone must seek to imitate fashion, forming trends within a certain period; third, the fashion fear epidemic, prevalent for a long time, because some fashion when once dominated, and that such end of fashion at the time.
To consider, children are singing Jay Chou and QQ communication belongs to fashion, and billboards on Japanese, Korean does not count as a recurrent fashion, because of its lack of originality and popularity, Korea drama Dae Jang geum formed hit Korean drama hot Korean dramas can be counted as fashion. Author's understanding of core concepts of inaccurate, of course, is the author of superficial performance. However, the problem is not this article fall into three categories of composition is the main reason.
(B) study on the performance of the key verb thought shallow
Problem lies in the "taste" on the word. Taste thinking, experience, evaluation. So, if you only write what is cool, do not write your thoughts on fashion, experience, evaluation, unsuitable. This composition in three categories, the main issue here. It should be said that the author is thinking, his views are articles, points out, "we will lead the fashion forward, not let fashion lead us." However, this point of view not to run through the whole thing, commanding the full text. Careful analysis of three arguments in this paper is highly questionable. First two arguments "fashion, will allow us to better grasp the direction of fashion" and "fashion, let us continue to innovate" is a tautology, because better grasp the fashion direction is innovative, fashion requires a unique creative, distinctive personalities, can be popular but it is prevalent, this is destined to be innovative. Point layer-by-layer depth, always place circle is not the superficial thought what is it?
Again see third a points argument "taste fashion, will let more of fashion precipitation for classic" exists two a problem: a is "let more of fashion precipitation for classic" and "constantly to innovation" obviously paradox, constantly innovation, is constantly rebel classic and not constantly manufacturing classic; II is and full text Center argument "we will led with fashion forward development, and not let fashion led we" repeat, repeat performance in both are is author on fashion of thinking, and experience, and evaluation of results, results what clear for which is does? Key authors statement repeated contradictions are obvious superficial.
(C) shallow logic shown in that segment
In describing the first point "fashion, will allow us to better grasp the direction of fashion", the author has a judgment should guide the children to sing the classic songs such as a penny, instead of guiding children to sing pop songs such as the nunchaku. Obviously authors not advocating lead pop songs such as the nunchaku to classic, but prohibited the popular, return to the classics. Quote arguments described the arguments and point the opposite.
(D) repeat upside down show superficial language
The third point is the most typical "get more deposit classic fashion". At this level, the main deposit classic should describe how to get more fashion. In this regard, the authors made it clear that fashion can make more deposit classic fashion. This cycle of synonymous forms a loop: fashion fashion taste. The cause of this error, should be the author's ideological and superficial, vague, only "smart" repeated questions.
Second, analysis of causes "superficial" underlying factors
Almost all versions of the national college entrance examination outline (exam description) are, without exception, emphasized the composition in the exams for "development" the primary requirement is that the composition of "thought", and "deep" expressed in three different forms: one is through the in-depth nature of the phenomenon, the second is to reveal the causes of the problem, the third is enlightening.
"Thought" is expressed through the in-depth nature of the phenomenon, revealing the causes of the problems and provide inspiration. For composition in the exams required of "thought", which "four": philosophical, ingenuity, logic, thought-provoking. It requires that articles of philosophical, creative, thinking there are strict logic, work gives extremely enlightening. "Infinity" after reading, people thought, enlightening, resonate, and memorable. Now, however, the candidates are most difficult to achieve these requirements. Reasons are:
(A) childish thinking, not to pay attention to life, not to think about the problems in life. Writing is actually quite simple, and is "living on paper." Lack of life experience, especially the lack of observation of life, even without at least thinking habits, writing that "thoughts" can only be wishful thinking. Author of a large number of lives above a blind eye to put written off only in a vague and biased. If awareness to usually life in, advocate free and enjoy free, advocate personality of liberation and play, is today of thought fashion; like return natural, emphasizes life quality, avoid clothing style, and color of similar, eat green, this is today life of fashion; drama no stage, readers is author, paper quality media was network media replaced, blog podcast, is is today culture of fashion, district entrance composition also in words Xia?
(B) the lack of high quality reading, in the anime, novels, soap operas of the passivation of rational thinking and abstract thinking in image, form the emotional desert. "Half acre pond, and clouds sky aimlessly. Ask the Canal clear? As a source. "This poem after reading Zhu Xi's feelings, means source of reading is writing. If we read Qu Yuan, his fatherless; read Sima Qian, understood his forbear; read Li Bai, his fresh and elegant; has read du Fu, his gloomy setback. Reading Shakespeare's romance, read Balzac's knowledgeable and know Tolstoy's "mirror of the Russian society", Gorky knew "my University" where; like wise Qian Zhongshu and peaceful JI xianlin, great Yu, impressed by Zhou Guoping, indomitable Shi tie-sheng's ... ... We'll moan and pages full of hot air?
(C) writing too much emphasis on form, neglect, "literature" is the eternal truth of writing. To be fair, the cases listed above, you can see the author received a certain amount of training, know how to chase, know how to sort out the three-argument, know how to summarize the full text, summed up thrust. However, he has forgotten the content of the article will always be the first. Lu said, has always been what tips for writing words is not correct.
(D) not attached importance to the relationship between thought and language, plain language packages are often vague. Stalin said: "language is the physical shell. "Gorky said, is" all the facts and the dress of thought. " We from the perspective of language use, help students solve the problem of congestion and superficial thinking, studying and learning "through deepening, thought beautifying language" skills help students develop good habits of the Polish language. One of the core problems was designed around the most suitable to the intended point clearly, think deeper and write clearly, writing in-depth. Truly, such as superficial and contradictory and overlapping problems no longer exist, brilliance of shows will be able to implement.
Themes must be thought, it is necessary to pay more attention to society, think about life, to strengthen. Read by only writing on life, society, thoughts under the background of candidates to mine the essence of things through the appearance, to write, to one more level on the views of ordinary people to find that others have not found, can read a teacher there are moments of "Firefly's ass".
Third, according to the original rewrite of essay
We can't talk, I try to follow the above rewrite of that composition in three categories, trying to write a review of compliance in the moment of argumentation, and this year's college entrance examination in Chinese writing read a teacher in accordance with the requirements of college entrance examination scores, this paper is divided into a composition.
Fashion taste
When Jay when the nunchaku was singing the national urban and rural when QQ appears to be is going to replace the letter calls, how can we not fashion, thoughts on fashion and fashion?
Fashion taste, you first need to know what is fashion. Fashion, popular culture by a certain period. The song of the nunchaku, QQ communication, of course, a fashion column, however, these are just fashion show, fashion is the essence of innovation as the inner, with advanced value orientation as a criterion. When Jay emergence with its distinctive song to break the shackles of tradition, which led to popularity when convenient to a wealth of Tencent QQ broke into the village, then globe; this is fashion. Fashion is something new be born first cry, is a relentless pursuit of emancipating the first cry. Fashion, is leading the pulse of the times, is to guide the life of nirvana.
Thoughts on fashion, we need to distinguish between true and false eye. If not resolved the mad pursuit, this approach is not desirable. Punk, once popular among teenagers in the late last century to release rock band, and then developed into a punk culture of dress characterized by bizarre, punk music has long been marginalized and punk culture is quickly thrown into a garbage dump. Would you like to chase a Flash in punk fashion? There is a "Dink" also once trendy, but if they strive to emulate humans soon vanished from the Earth. Would you like to follow? Let the fashion is true or not is not the ultimate goal, of course, we want to sober State of mind of the nunchaku and QQ fashion to maintain the correct direction, and strive to become a classic.
Leading the fashion, requires that we have advanced in value. This attitude can make fashion is of great practical significance, rather than just a mere formality, which make a distinction between true fashion and false fashion, in essence. Advanced moral values include law, in line with the direction of social progress, harmony with nature, and so on. Noise than art punk music, punk culture and decadent than health factors, Dink family only private interests at the expense of community interests and even human interests; the nunchaku, explore the elements of Chinese traditional martial arts and national spirit, QQ Show human factors and time factors: it is clear that fashion Guide should first meet the legal and moral, social progress and the law of the universe.
Leading the fashion, we need to continue to innovate. Social progress, times, fashion for the times advocate, because it contains fresh vitality, gives a refreshing feeling. To achieve innovation, you need to inject fresh blood consistent with the pulse of the times. Such innovations such as using light that year, the publication of the Communist Manifesto, as posted on the five-star red flag during the Olympics face today, Confucius as a modern Chinese Cultural Ambassador visiting five continents and four oceans belong to the fashion innovation, creating new fashion.
Fashion, we will sing of the nunchaku, QQ, faces close to the flag, leading the fashion forward, not let fashion lead us.