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Of college entrance examination of chemistry examination techniques

Carefully examining:
Answer is start from examining, if you left out when examining the subject give information, or does not properly understand information will give the answer lay hidden, which was in trouble, not only did not question, also takes up precious time on the venue, great harm.
Careful examining, correctly understand and grasp the information, tap the hidden information is a prerequisite for properly solving   in chemistry subject test, examines the main
1. Topic: analysis of the questions is to see the topic belongs to the concept type is type of calculation, belongs to the nature of the test substance, or test experimental operation and so on. Clear topic type is essential for problem solving, different types of topic processing methods and ideas are not quite the same, only a clear topic types to be treated as rational problem-solving ideas
2. Keywords: keyword is often the entry point of solving problems, core information problem solving. Key word can in problem dry in the, also can in problem in the, a problem dry Xia of problem may is continuous of, also may is independent of key word more for and chemical subject about of, also has seems and chemical has nothing to do of common chemical problem in the of key word has: "excess", and "few", and "colorless", and "acid (alkaline)", and "short cycle" "long time", and "carefully heating" "heating and burning burn" "flow of water" and so on, on isomers of limit conditions more should note, Such as: formula C8H8O2 containing benzene rings and all the isomer with the substituent "contains two p-substituted benzene ring the county seat base" is the keyword of this ask
3. Express request: requiring a certain topic are often the result of expression   for example: writes "molecular formula", "electronic", "structure", "name", "chemical formula" or "Ionic equation", "expression", "phenomena", "purpose". This should cause the student's attention, examining good habits and avoid "to answer questions" the unnecessary loss caused by
4. Breakthrough breakthrough of solving common: special structure, property and special physical properties (color, form, odour), special response form, with the participation of inorganic catalyst reaction, repeated application diagram of data inference, infer material 5. Trial effective digital effective digital of three a according to: ① using instrument of precision as, tray balance (0.1g), and graduated cylinder (≥ 0.1mL), and buret (0.01mL), and pH strips (integer), II questions by to of data of processing, for example "said sampling products 4.80g......", according to questions by to effective digital for reasonable of calculation, last to retained corresponding of effective digital ③ topics of clear requirements, for example: "results retained two bit effective digital", on according to questions of requirements to retained
Answer policy and answer the skill
1. Choice: more comprehensive test paper chemistry problem in the volume I have 8 one-answer question. Answers in the careful and detailed consideration of various options on the basis of examining, and question options, contact the difference between options and options see. Use a process of elimination, comparative method, the methods of substitution, guess, avoiding established pursuant to proposition men of "traps", quickly find the option. Multiple-choice answer method is diverse, both starting from the question stem the problem, also do answer options based on authentication questions, problem solving method is fast, accurate and reasonable choice of answer, multiple-choice compressed to the shortest time possible, make more time for solving the problem behind
2. Blank answer policy and answer the skill:
More comprehensive examination paper II in the title of volume according to the situation in recent years, chemical problems are four blanks.
Inferred General experiment a, inorganic, organic a presumed, and other topics. For blanks in answering some common requests.
(1) write the chemical equation is complete and correct. No less wrong, trim, condition of organic reactions to write substance (water) can cause the gap to score. The connection between reactants and products, inorganic reactions, organic reactions using arrows with an equal sign, gas and precipitation symbols to SD, lighting, heating, high temperature differences, the catalyst cannot be abbreviated "reminder", these problems will be penalized.
(2) technical terms can't be wrong. Vocabulary commonly used in chemistry should not be wrongly written, a word the whole gap will be scored.
For example "weight" not written "law code"; "meltdown" must "dissolve"; "filters" can't write "void"; "extraction" must "take stroke"; "the Crucible" impossible to write "the Crucible" and so on.
(3) when the answers are not unique or there are multiple choice, with the most common reply is not easy to lose. Can reply to specific substances with specific materials to answer, is more accurate.
For example the reaction of CO reducing agent on an industrial, the best example of this is written 3CO+Fe2O3= (high temperature) CO2+2Fe, this response is the most familiar, other reaction can also be written but bad points such as CO and water vapour response, if you didn't notice that this is a reversible reaction to write an equals sign will be penalized. Also not generally write for example reduction of metal oxides RO+CO=R+CO2 (r for metals), which certainly does not score, because not all metals are formed, but also are not always used for industrial production.
(4) language descriptive title when doing pay attention, from "known" to the "unknown" logical relations between must be accurately described, and linking to promise not to throw to score points, to score. Answer questions directly, don't mince words; expressions with a unique and accurate as possible subjects; do not write worthless, useless words wrong points; key point to have a clear answer. <
(5) calculation for Cloze, pay attention to the writing to write. Or is what is used to note that empty behind the unit, unit or not because there is no written orders of magnitude does not drop points. BACK